How much is the shipping cost?to send

We use Bpost for sending all our parcels.


Delivered at home/address€ 4,95 (free delivery from € 75)
Parcelshop€ 3,95 (free delivery from € 50)

the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany

Delivered at home/address€ 6,95 (free delivery from € 100)

How big will the letters be?general

The length or height of the embroidery is different from product to product. This means that short names are always slightly larger embroidered than longer names or text.

What are loyalty points?loyalty

We are glad that you choose Embroidery Company for all your embroidered products. Through these loyalty points (= reward points) we thank our customers, and this with every purchase.

Each product has its own number of points. When you have saved 100 points you can exchange them for a € 5 discount on your next purchase.

A mistake in the embroidery?return

We guarantee a qualitative and sustainable embroidery. Unfortunately, something can always go wrong.

If the embroidery does not match what you ordered or a mistake has crept in, this will be produced again. After returning the wrong product, we will send the new one for free.

How do the loyalty points work?loyalty

  • You get points for each product (some exceptions apply) that you add to your order.
  • For every 100 points you collect you get a € 5 discount on your next purchase.
  • It's up to you if you choose to save all your points and use them in one go, or immediately get your discount.
  • It's possible that you do not receive loyalty points on some promotional products and discounted products. However, the discount will always yield more for you than the loyalty points themselves.
  • If you cancel an order, the loyalty points will be deducted from your account.
  • You can get an overview to find your loyalty points on your account page.

How can I pay?pay

We support payment with Bancontact, Visa and Mastercard.

How about my privacy and my personal information?general

Can I receive my order on a different address?to send

Yes, that is possible. You can choose a different delivery address in the ordering process.

Does BorduurCompany deliver to other countries as well?to send

Yes, we deliver to Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and France.

What are the terms and conditions?general

You can read our terms and conditions here.

What are the washing instructions for the embroidery itself?general

Below the washing instructions for the yarn we use in our embroidery. Always check the washing instructions of the product as well.

Washing: max 95°
Bleach: possible
Tumbledry: average temperature
Ironing: max 150°
Chemical cleaning: resistant against most usual products

Why is there a plastic between my towel (or other products) and the embroidery?general

This plastic-like film is applied on the textile to give a embroidery of a higher quality. Terry cloth, and some other textiles, are made up of many different small loops. If we didn't use the plastic film these loops would show up throught the embroidery.

This plastic-like film is water-soluble, it will vanish after the first go in the washing machine.

Why is embroidery better?general

The biggest avantage of embroidery is the feel, the quality.

A big difference between embroidery and other forms of personalisation is that embroidery doesn't sit on the surface of the textile.

Why are there no names with the fonts?to order

We use specially adapted fonts to achieve the best result. As a result, these fonts are of course based on existing fonts, but they never correspond to the full 100%.

Because these do not fully correspond, we decided not to use the same names. So as not to cause confusion.

Is there a showroom or store?general

Unfortunally no, we do not have a physical shop or showroom. But it is possible to order online and pickup at one of the many events and markets we attend.

I'm almost at the threshold for free delivery, but not getting there. What can I do?to order

It isn't fair to let you pay for delivery when you are just 5 cents away of the threshold. Thats why we have a margin of 2% on the free delivery-price.

What does BorduurCompany do for the environment?general

We are convinced that when everybody does his/her part, we can make this planet better again. It are the small, little things that make the greatest impact.

environmental awareness

How will the presents be wrapped?general

We wrap the presents in transparant foil to make sure that the embroidery is always visible.